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Lovatoni’s is a modern-day laundry and vending service provider in the bay area. Our network is vast, yet flexible, so we are able to analyze and understand your specific needs and provide the right solutions for you, whether you have one location or many sites around the bay area.

We strive to keep your vending machine and laundry room running smoothly by providing the best talent the industry has to offer! Lovatoni’s provides management of common area laundry rooms for condos, military bases, colleges and universities, hotels, and hospitals.

Lovatoni’s is one of the most reliable vending and laundry solution providers in California and has the products, programs and resources to provide our client’s with customized and comprehensive solutions.

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Apartment Buildings

We do offer a generous revenue sharing with apartment building managers.

Commercial Laundry

Our commercial services covers larger organizations such as Hotels, Athletic Clubs, ...

Campus Laundry

We have a dedicated division to laundry solutions for colleges and universities.


Our new triple load, double load, and HUGE 80 pound washers will have your laundry clean in no time.

The Best Vending Services in Northern California

San Francisco Bay Area Vending Services

We are constantly delivering innovative solutions to our clients through touchscreens and cashless vending machines and wellness programs.

  • Red Baron Pepperoni Pizza 12/6.0 Oz

  • Skittles Original 10/36

  • Welch’s Mixed Frt Snack 48/2.25

  • Knott’s Apricot Shortbrd 60/2.00

  • Munch Bar 10/36

  • Milky Way Simply Caramel 12/24

  • M&M Plain King 6/24

  • Knott’s Strawberry Shtbrd 60/2.00

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